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“Psychotherapy isn't a twentieth-century artifice imposed on nature, but the reinstatement of a natural healing process.”

Mental and emotional help

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By Monika Sobczak MSc, Dip. Couns. MBACP, BABCP

I am a qualified Integrative  Psychotherapist and CBT Therapist. Registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and also British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (BABCP).


There are several contrasting approaches in the counselling/therapy field. I integrate powerful ideas from most of them. But what I value more than any theory or technique, is being able to provide my clients with reliable, meaningful, supportive and ethically confidential relationship through honest dialogue.

I will journey alongside you whilst you're in therapy to assist you in unravelling your troubles.


So if you have any questions about me or the way I work, please contact me for an initial consultation. I look forward to hearing from you.



If you struggle with life challenges, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem...maybe with a loss of a loved one.. I offer a non-judgmental, supportive environment to work through your thoughts and feelings and help you to live a life that is more fulfilling to you. You will have a calm and confidential space and time to identify changes you would like to make and develop the skills you want to maintain these changes.

I understand how difficult it might be to talk about your deepest concerns, but you could find it liberating. Therapy is about you- knowing where you are, how you got there, and the choices you can make to change things, the choices that may have seemed impossible before.

I have experience working with a broad range of issues and see each client as a unique individual. In the initial session, I will explain briefly how I work.

I offer, a free 30 min initial session so that we determine if we would like to work together. After that, sessions are 50 min, and the rate is £50 for online session and  £65 for a session in person.

I work online, mainly with adults and young people (from 12 years old onwards). Concessions are offered for key workers or at low income, trainees, and students.


I will be getting in touch with you as soon as possible to further discuss the sessions.


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"The scariest moment is always just before you start"

Stephen King


Therapy is a personal space, filled with understanding, acceptance, and empathy...

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‘my counsellor made me understand how important it is about self-care.  She was brilliant. Thank you’.

JG, 28.02.20

"Polecam Monike rownierz z calego serducha❤ Monika posiada ogromna wiedze, doswiadczenie i pasje w pracy terapeuty. Ma podejscie do ludzi, empatie i bardzo duzo ciepla do zaoferowania. Po rozmowie z Monika od razu sie lepiej robi na sercu"

AJ, 26.07.20

"Took the time to better understand my challenges and needs. Helped me to deal with situations in a healthy way and to look at things in a different view in order to see the positives. Monika listened really well to everything I said and gave me some really beneficial advice.
She made it really easy for me to trust and talk to her, something I normally find very difficult.
Monika has a really good sense of humour, made it much easier to feel comfortable, was nice for our conversations to be 100% serious all the time.
She helped me to see that it’s ok for me to feel a certain way and that it will take tike to adjust, that there is no time limit to feel ‘ok’.
Definitely recommend, thanks for your help!😊"
JF, 03.06.20

Hand Embrace

"I am very much the anti talking type especially in regards to my emotions and past experiences. I've tried and failed several times however the time come where I just simply had to speak out because for me it was affecting every aspect of my day to day life to a point of total failure I began therapy with monika and i felt instantly at ease at peace and totally comfortable. Monika help place events and my feelings in a certain order for me to undesrstand and within no time i found my focus and drive once again in life I very much recommend monika to work with if only I seeked her help in the past im very greatfull"

NY, 01.09.20

“My counselor was very understanding, helpful and made me think about lots of things about myself and how I react and behave. She was really brilliant and I would recommend her to everyone who struggles at time with their grief and other mental health aspects. She certainly knew what she was talking about and our conversations have definitely helped.”09.02.23

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